If you’re looking for a game that’s purely based on skill, don’t waste your time by scavenging the pile of P2W games. Battlz.Club is all about your skills and how good you’re at it. The more skill you have, the better player you’re. It’s quite an exciting and strong game that will simply take the sleep away from you.


The gameplay is pretty polished and awesome. The avatar you’ll be playing is a jelly-ish cube with a weapon. Your target is to kill as many enemies as possible by bashing them; no slashing allowed. However, only bash doesn’t kill anyone. You have to bash them in the moving fireballs.

The graphics are quite good. Your movement, attacks, and all other interactions are quite awesome depending on your playing style. There’s no specific game mode in this game, but the normal mode itself is more than you can ask for. game

Unfortunately, there’s only one server (currently) of Battlz.Club, a quite disadvantage for performance. However, make sure to play it in a good internet connection to get the most out of it.


The controls aren’t something hard, but quite enough to turn on the hype. Your movement, attacks etc. everything is controlled by your mouse.

  • Movement – cursor [avatar will follow the cursor]
  • Attack (bash) – Left-click (mouse), Z, >
  • Dash attack – Right-click (mouse), X,?


This is a game of skill and doesn’t have anything specific to give others any upper hand. However, if others are more skilled than you, that’s a different case.

When you spawn, you’re on your own throughout the arena. There are different blocks set in the background. Some are purple, others are blank. The purple ones seem to act like a jelly block. There will be burning orbs moving around the arena. Those are the main damage dealers. If you get hit, you’ll die. If you can make your enemies hit them, they’ll die. strategy

You’ll notice some flowers scattered in the field. Those are called souls. The more soul you collect, the more point you earn. If anyone dies, he’ll spawn souls in the place. If you kill an enemy, all the spawned souls will be added to your collection. If you die by yourself, your souls will be waiting for anyone to collect.

Try to scout the arena continuously and find the perfect opportunity to kill others. It’s quite difficult to kill others, but getting killed is quite easy. Stay focused. Move away from the fire orbs and try to avoid getting hit by other players at all cost. If you continuously kill others, you’ll start a “Soul strike”. The more kill at the same time, the more soul strike and points you’ll earn. After all, your skill will earn you the victory. Ready?

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