In the world of games, survival is one of the toughest and most addictive genres. Indeed, it’s really exciting to fight for the survival in a “kill or be killed” arena. Are you a fan of PUBG or Fortnite? Looking for an exciting game to play right now? Just jump into Mobgio; your brain will start sparking! brings the feel of Fortnite/PUBG in a mini edition with awesome graphics and cool gameplay.


The fluid gameplay of Mobg io is one of the best features this game has. In addition, the graphics are also quite awesome. The game successfully gives you the vibe of Fortnite or PUBG. gameplay

The game itself is on a different level. There are hideouts, bullets, guns, power-ups scattered throughout the arena. Pick them up, kill your enemies and become the last man standing in the arena! Combined with the awesome graphics, your fight for survival will only become more and more intense.


This game has quite a few controls. Though those are simple, they play an important role in your victory.

  • Shoot – Left-click (mouse), Spacebar
  • Run – Right-click (mouse)
  • Movement – cursor [the avatar will follow your cursor]
  • Switch gun – Scroll, Q/W
  • Drop gun – Middle-click, F


In every game of survival, strategy plays a quite important part. Your tactics are quite important for surviving from an enemy fire, taking out enemies one by one and becoming the last player standing in the arena.

When you spawn, you don’t have any weapon in your hand. There are weapons scattered throughout the entire arena. Make sure to pick anything, fast. You can carry 2 weapons at most. Your weapon collection will show up in the top-left corner. Each weapon has a limited number of bullets. There are different weapons types – snipers, fire throwers, rifles, laser gun etc.

Alongside weapons, there are also power-ups available. Each of them gives special facilities. For example, there are healing, health regeneration, faster bullets etc. Don’t forget to consume them for a better chance of survival. drawing gam

Don’t stand still; this way, you’ll be easier to target. While moving continuously, you have to shoot down your enemies. Every kill pushes you to a higher position in the leaderboard, so make every bullet count. After every counter, try to consume healing from the surrounding area.

The arena for battle shrinks, making the outside of the ring deadly. This also forces more clash and more excitement. When the arena shrinks, try to get into a safe position. This way, you’ll have a better understanding of your current position.

There are lots of bushes around. Inside the bush, you’re invisible to others outside. Use this to your advantage; try to snipe out enemies from a hideout. In most scenarios, bushes also house quite a good load of ammo and guns. So, make it count! Reviews