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Dat Tank is a free, online, multiplayer, war action game.  This is an awesome tank shooter battle game. It is a beautiful game that depicts some pretty graphic .io carnage.

dattank game

The objective of the game is to kill your enemies and increase your scores in order to climb higher on the leaderboard. It does have its own peculiarities though; there are teams, hostile tanks and neutral tanks. There are four teams which are differentiated by color. The players are assigned to one of the four teams after which they try to shoot each other to smithereens.

The ‘gamescape’ is dotted by ‘neutral tanks’ which do not carry any of colors of the four main teams. You must conquer this neutral tank in order to convert it to one of yours. To conquer it, you have to shoot straight and hit it many times, when you’ve hit it enough times; it changes to the color of your own tanks, this is how to increase your fleet of tanks. A large fleet makes it easier to dominate your opponents and climb up on the leaderboard.  There are spots on the map where you can find extra ammunition and health kits, you must find them first and pick them before the other players.

dattank controls

If you like tanks and war games, this io game is for you.  Despite the simplistic style, it is an incredibly fun game.



Keyboard Controls: WASD for movement in all directions around the terrain.

WASD buttons on the keyboard can be used for moving the characters around.

  • W is for moving  Forward/Up. 
  • A is for moving Left/Sideways.
  • S is for moving Right/Sideways.
  • D is for moving Backwards/Downwards.


  • Left Click to shoot, Right click to move.

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