In the arena of a battlefield, you always want to make sure that you win at all cost. For a war marshal, it’s the dream to become the dominator of the world. How about dominating the world with a powerful, sci-fi battleship? Yes, you get your chance to dominate over the arena in such a powerful battleship on Orpega.


The game is quite simple but hard to master. It’s because the control of your battleship is pretty difficult for a continuous kill streak. Moreover, you have to evade others’ bullets with efficiency. Thankfully, the arena is full of healing gems.

orpe.ga game

The graphics aren’t that kind of a big deal, but not so polished like those fascinating IO games. However, combined with the hard-to-master control, you’re guaranteed 100% to feel a rush in your adrenaline level. Just follow a few tricks, master the control and you’re in the top spot of the leaderboard!


The control keys are pretty much normal, but when applying to the battlefield, they surely make a jumble.

  • Go forward – W, Up
  • Go backwards – S, Down
  • Rotate right – D, Right
  • Rotate left – A, Left
  • Shoot – Spacebar, Left-click (mouse)
  • Drop bombs – Right-click (mouse)


The main thing in this game is the strategy and your mastery of the control. The better you master the control, the easier for you to rule over the map. Moreover, a few tricks with really help you out against everyone.

First of all, make sure to choose the right battleship. It’s pretty important because different battleships with different traits serve a totally different purpose. You can select your suitable battleship from the “Select class” option. Available classes include – melee fighter, poisoning bullets, bomber, tank, ninja etc. Choose your favorite one. I personally love the poison ship as it deals damage to enemy ships over time.

orpe.ga strategy

Then, when you spawn, time to master the controls. At first, move around a little bit to have a good understanding of the control. The bullet direction has to be decided by rotating your entire ship.

When you spawn first, make sure to consume the metal crystals scattered around the map as much as possible. Those will help you earn more XP and point. When you earn enough XP, you’ll have upgraded to your ship’s stats. You don’t decide the upgrades and that allows you focus on the battlefield more. But I admit that it would be better to have the option of upgrading stats according to my playing style.

Use bombs efficiently. When you fly nearby any opponent, try to drop the bomb right in front, or in the path. This way, the enemy is guaranteed to step into the trap. Bombs deal really high damage and require skill to make a perfect hit.

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