In the sci-fi world, we always see spaceships clashing with each other for taking over the galaxy. Indeed, it’s one of the most interesting and exciting genres of games ever since. We also have enjoyed many sci-fi stories like Star Wars, Guardian of the Galaxy etc. Did you ever want to become just like them? Having your own spaceship and dominating over the galaxy? If that’s your dream, makes it possible for you to own your own battleship and make some noise!


Galaxio is one of the few IO games that brings the gameplay to a whole new level. Honestly, it’s one of the most polished game ever! The gameplay is quite smooth and interesting with all the 3D graphical details. Furthermore, the awesome ambient background set in the outer space is quite charming to look at. All these together gives the nice feel of a space war. game

There is also space debris floating all around the corner. Your spaceship will get damage if hit. Furthermore, there’re others to kill you. Watch your steps, commander!

There are 2 game modes available in Galax io.

  • FFA – The normal mode where everyone participates to annihilate each other.
  • TDM (Team Death Match)


The controls are quite easy but have a slight learning curve. It’s because of how the laws of physics work in the outer space. I’d love to have some gravitational effects, but the controls themselves are quite interesting.

  • Move forward – W, Up, Right-click
  • Change direction (right/left) – Cursor
  • Shoot – Spacebar, Left-click (mouse)


This game consists of beautiful space along with highly polished graphics. Moreover, it allows you collect and store your resources for further usage. That’s why there’s a system for creating an account with Galax.IO. I recommend making an account first so that you don’t lose your progress. controls

There are also purchases available if you like to skip all the troublesome resource farming. The resources are known as “Bits”. Bits can be used for purchasing crates, unlocking new ships etc. Each ship has special abilities. You can either purchase a trial or get it for yourself permanently. However, you can pay real money to purchase all of them. There are quite a good number of servers all around the globe. Don’t forget to choose the nearest one for better experience. teams

Now, you have to understand how the world works here. You can easily destroy space debris and others as you wish. Don’t get hit by the asteroids as they can kill you. After getting hit, try to stay put for a while. This way, you can regenerate your health.

The more you destroy, the more Bits you earn. Using the collected resources, I suggest permanently unlocking any powerful ship, so that you can get the maximum potential income. Grind in the arena for rewards. Reviews