In the contest of eating, every participant eats beyond his appetite. It’s food, after all. We all LOVE to eat, right? What would you do if you’re in an arena that’s full of hungry souls to eat each other? Don’t worry; there are other delicious & poisonous foods. I’m talking about – the place where everything is edible! This game is quite delicious to play.


When you first start the game, the view might not be catchy. However, sit tight as you’re about to enter in an arena where eating is everything! You eat, you grow. Once you reach a certain level, you win! It surely sounds really simple, but crazy enough to increase your blood pressure and you’ll surely enjoy the adrenaline rush while eating. game

The graphics are polished and quite funny, to be honest. That adds an extra spice to the fun and joy. Moreover, you’re able to fart at your own will! Crazy, right?


You have to use the keyboard to control your avatar and rule over the hungry arena.

  • Movement – WASD
  • Boost (fart) – B or Spacebar


The strategy is quite an important part of the game. It’s because when the game starts if you’re able to grab all the resources and chances, there is hardly anyone to stop you. The starting almost decides the outcome of the game.

Each match is played among numerous players. The one to get 1000 points first wins the game. Every time you die, you can spawn into the same game. Depending on you, either you can start eating everyone else or become the food for others. In cases, you’ll face pre-spawn death. You spawned and was eaten immediately. strategy

When you spawn, don’t try to eat anyone else. It’s because you’re too small. Whenever you want to eat some other players, you have to become larger than the first. That’s why continue eating all the lying foods around and become larger. The meats will grant best size boost. However, don’t eat those mushrooms as they’re poisonous and kill you instantly.

Whenever you dash (fart), you use a part of your body, forcing you to shrink. This is dangerous as smaller ones die faster. Use at your own risk. You can use dash to evade from any hungry enemy or eat any smaller one. However, if you’re not in need, you must not use dashing. Survive and stay away from the large ones. They can eat most other players which can be dangerous. Target to reach 1000 points as soon as possible. Reviews