About game: Flagz.io

Some of us are patriotic and commit to our flags wholeheartedly for example our country’s national flag, our favorite football team’s flag, university flags and much more. We do everything to protect our flags and might not like someone who disrespects it. Flagz.io is a game by IO in which keeping the flags to your own team is important.

Gameplay description

The game starts in a muddy and grassy arena where there are two teams already formed. One team is the red team and the other is the blue team. You have the choice to choose your team color or the servers will pick the team for you on its own. Once the players are divided into the teams, the game starts. The aim of the game is to keep the flag with members of your own team.

flagz.io game

The member of the team who hold the flag for the longest time will eventually win the game as your team will gain scores. When you are in the enemies arena unfreeze your team members so they can move freely and if the enemies try to enter your zone freeze them so that they are stuck and cannot move for some time.

The opponent team will also chase and fight for the flag and try to get is back at all costs. So keep your members together so that you can counter attack in any given situation. This game has a new concept as it is kind of a war where everyone is fighting to get the hold of the flag.

Controls to play the game Flagz.io

You may use the keyboards keys to play flagz.io. To move your man, use the keys “D, W, S, A”. If you want to drop the flag so that another team member can pick it up press the space bar. Don’t wait any longer, start your game. May the best team capture the flag and win!

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