The cycle comes in different forms – motorcycle and normal cycle. Whatever it is, the experience of riding a cycle at a cyclone speed is super thrilling and exciting. What would you do with if you had a powerful bike that’s able to rush at the speed of light? Let’s figure it out on where cycles try to defeat each other with their trails left behind.


The graphics of, as an IO game, is pretty amazing. It’s not extra shiny, but enough polished to give a feel of light speed in a sci-fi world. The battlefield seems to be an arena set in the futuristic battlefield where the fight is fought with bikes. gameplay

The gameplay is really exciting, to be honest. You have to make sure that your enemy crashes into your own trail. At the same time, you must not hit your own trail, or you’ll die instantly. You can dash ahead of your enemy and force him to get crushed by your trail. However, the game seems to have a compatibility issue. For the best possible experience, play the game on Firefox or Microsoft Edge browser.


The controls are really simple. You’ll also be the master of controls within minutes. However, the true challenge is applying them in time in the arena.

  • Movement (direction) – W, A, S, D
  • Boost – Spacebar or Left-click (mouse)


Your aim should be forcing your enemies to hit your trail. However, you have to stay safe from others’ trails and from your trail at the same time. It can be really tricky. When you spawn, you’ll have a protective shield around yourself so that you won’t be deploying trails instantly. If you’re spawned within a congested zone, use the opportunity to run away from that. Then, start your own journey safe and sound.

Start moving around to spread your trail further and further. The longer your trail is, the better chance to get a kill. You’re like an endless source of concrete to fill the entire arena with a web of walls. If you find out any enemy, try to surround his path with a wall of yours. As long as you survive, you have a better chance to get kills. Reviews