About Gons.io

Hello, folks! Welcome to a brand new IO game where your only target is to become cornered. Yes, you have to get more and more corners to dominate the arena! It’s a really funny game that involves a nice action with geometry. Euclid’s, time to show your passion for geometry on Gons.io!


Like other IO games, the graphic is not that polished. In fact, it’s really simple. However, the game is still in alpha stage as of now, so in the future, I bet this is going to become better.

gons.io game

Don’t let the view fool you. The game is really, really funny in action! You start as a triangle and your target is to earn more hands from the entire arena. You earn an additional edge, you throw your edges to kill enemies and take over their angles to load up yourself. There are also other angle-hungry triangles & almost round balls floating around, looking for a chance to kill and get angles.

Your score will be on the top-left corner and the leaderboard on the top-right corner. Note that it’s still under development, so don’t get mad if you find any bug/glitch.


Here are all the available controls for Gons.io.

  • Movement – WASD or Arrow keys
  • Shoot – Spacebar
  • Shooting direction – Movement [your movement direction will decide the shooting direction]


This game is all about surviving and killing other “gons”. The more angles you have, the higher your rank will be in the leaderboard.

When you spawn, you’re a triangle. You don’t have the ability to shoot. So, your first objective should be collecting an additional angle. Roam around the arena to look for any floating angle. Touch the angle and it’ll be added to your body. Be careful of other killers!

Once you collect an angle, time to get into action. Continue moving around the arena to find more angles and for a perfect target. Note that triangles are the easiest target. The fewer angles, the easier the target. Target one, kill him/her with your shooting angle and get all the angles of your enemy.

gons.io controls

When you shoot your angle, it’ll go as far as possible until it’s stopped by a wall. After hitting a wall, it’ll become neutral and ready to collect again. So, you don’t have to lose your precious angle. However, anyone else can collect that angle and use it to kill you.

You might notice that there are some round objects. The truth is, they’re not round at all. They have earned so many angles that their body almost looks like a round. As in geometry, you can split a circle into many short straight (almost) lines.

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