Food is the key to survival. Foodies will understand this line more than anyone else. We all eat food so that we can grow, get healthy and stay alive for a long period time. Similarly, is a game which is related to survival. It joins the family of survival games by IO, namely:, and etc. The survival will be of the fittest.

Gameplay description

By entering your name the game will start and your will appear as a blob in the arena. The Blob will be small at the beginning. Move around and eat the food so that your mob will grow in size and become large enough. Initially, try to stay away from other online blobs at they may eat you because you are small. But once you have gained enough mass go hunting down the players. As you kill people on the map you will gain points and your size will also increase eventually. Collect glue in the arena to slow down the mission on opponents. game

Everyone from all over the world is trying to stay alive at all costs their hunger will cause them to eat you as well. Run away from the players that are too huge to be taken down.

Controls to play the game is an easy to play game, not prior experience is needed to master the game. You will need a mouse and keyboard of your Laptop or Computer to play this astonishing game. Move the blob by using the mouse. For example, if you want to move the blob towards left, move your mouse to left. Mouse will also be needed to zoom in and out on the map. To split the blobber in components press the space bar. In order to eject the mass press the key “W”. Now you are ready to play the game! Reviews