About Cosmo is an online multi-player shooter game where players move into the space to kill their enemies. You don't need anything special to do for playing the game. It is easy and simple. Just put a nickname there and start playing in no time. That is what you can expect from the developer of such online games. It is easy and hell fun game to play.

Gameplay Description

It is easy to play for those who love playing shooter games but not for them who did not play a single game before. This is a little different game from others as there are black holes and asteroids in the space. You should not get in there in the black hole and be away from the asteroids. You can kill them but it takes some time. So, it is better for you to stay away from them. Due to black holes bullets can change the trajectory. So, you need to be aware of what angle you should choose to kill someone. game

They can absorb things as well as they are highly attractive. There are other planets as well which decrease their size when get hit by some and get collapsed or turned into a black hole. As it is a multiplayer game so other player are humans too so they want victory just like you. You need to level up your game to beat your opponents. It is not hard at all. Just keep a view of the map and kill your enemies at the right time. You are the winner if there is no one left in the space. That is it.

How to Play?

To move around the space, you can use arrows keys or WASD keys. The shooting is done with the help of left mouse key. It is simple and easy as you or any other online player like. Play the game and tell the world that no one is better than you! Reviews