About Celestia.io

IO has never failed to surprise us back to back with utmost amazing and engaging games. This time the game that has banged the gaming world is known as Celestia.io. The name of the game is as cool as the game itself. The game comes with the idea to eat, grow, kill and repeat.

Gameplay Description

There are various servers to play the game so you may choose the one which suits were you belong to geographically. Or if you are playing with friends from another part of the world, you both can unite in one server and play along as a team or fight each other. The game starts by entering the name. It begins in the back sky which is full of bright stars. You are the circular bright light which grows as you eat the stars. The more you eat the more you will get larger. Take boosters to grow at a fast speed than usual. Make sure not to consume the red stars, if you so do, you will lose your stars/light and decrease in size.

celestia.io gameplay

While playing the game you aim to get on top of the score board. To do so, you must kill those players who are above you. Chase them and kill them as soon as you see them. Well, since everyone has the same goal you will also be chased by the players so keep yourself away from those who can hurt you such as the bigger lights. Choose wisely who you kill because this is a one-time game. If you lose you will break into small stars which other players can consume and grow in size.

celestia.io controls

The game is exciting to play and it can be played by anyone. Age is just a number when it comes to Celestia, no matter if you are 70+ years, you can still enjoy playing the game.

Controls to play the game Celestia.io

The game isn’t hard to play and it involves simple controls. Use the mouse to move the light in any direction. Click left to change direction. You may use keyboard’s keys “W, A, S, D” or Arrow keys to move your light as well. Now its show time! Have fun playing Celestia.io.

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