About this game is all about building or capturing a new space for you. This game is just like but provides some extra amusement in a new fashion. Custom flags are used in the game which might be helpful for you in attacking and defending your territory. Territory building is the thing that happens in this game but in a new style.

Gameplay Description

In you are supposed to be a long worm and have a little area as your territory. What is your role in the game?

You just need to move across the map with your body and claim more and more space for you. There are some special powers in the game for you. You can use them whenever you want. I suggest you use them according to the situation. One of the special power is the speed of your worm which makes it run faster and cover space as much as you can. game

You can zoom out the map to see what is your game progress. It does not look like an ability but believe me it is helpful sometimes. As it is an online multi-player game so your enemies do not want you to win. Your opponents are the real entities so beware of them. You need a proper plan and power to stop them all. The developers make things interesting and entertaining so you must overcome their ideas and get to the top at the end.

How to play?

There is no difficulty for the players to understand the rules of the game. Most children like to play snake games in their childhood so they shouldn't have any difficulty while enjoying WASD keys or arrow keys are used to move the worm on the map. Use your special powers with the help of E and Q. Screen shows all the options as well so you do not need to worry at all. Play this game and prove that you are better than any other online player. Reviews