“Dhuss dhuss dhuss” Arcade lovers might have understood what the game is really about. Mygun is a game by IO which involves fighting to the last breath using guns and grenades. It’s all about surviving yourself for the longest time and killing those who threaten your life. Play this amazing game to experience mass shooting in the arena.

Gameplay description

As you step into my gun game arena you see your blue gun man which is holding a small gun in his hand. And the opponents on the map are red colored. The red color clearly tells that they are your enemy and you have to shoot them in order to save yourself. They might not die with one shot but several shots will be needed to eliminate a player from the map. If you are looking to make the process quicker, throw a grenade at them and move away. They will die instantly. gameplay

The arena has bricks and path where you can move around and hide behind objects. Jump up or down the paths to get the best angle to shoot the player. You can either shoot by laying down or standing up. By shooting others and killing them your XP will increase and you will eventually level up. The XP bar is at the down on the screen in blue color. Since you might also get shot by players your health will also deteriorate. The health bar is in red color at the down side on the screen bellow the XP bar. Keep in check your health at all times. drawing game

The ultimate goal of my gun is to stay alive for the longest time meanwhile shoot everyone that comes in your way to reach the 1st place on the score board.

Controls to play the game MyGun io

My gun io will have to be played using keyboard and mouse both of the PC or laptop. Use the keys “W, D, S, A” to move your gun man. Click left to shoot the gun. If you wish to change the gun scroll on your mouse or use the number keys “1, 2, 3, 4” To throw the grenade press “E” If your gun’s bullets finish reload the gun by pressing “R”. To lie down you’re your gun man press they key “C”. Reviews