We all love to play football, right? At least, each of us kicked the football once in our life. If you’re a football fan, you better be ready because this IO game is a massive arena of several football fields! Yes, there are several football fields and you’re free to in & out of any court, any time. Non-football fans will also have the fun of co-operating in a really crazy and messy arena.


The entire game is truly messy and quite interesting, actually. There are several fields on the entire map. You’re free to join and quit from any field. There will be other players trying to the goal against your color, so be prepared to protect and goal in every battleground! gameplay

Your avatar is just a circle (nothing more, nothing less). Using the circular body, you have to move with the ball and score goals. The graphics aren’t so good & polished, but enough to make the game enjoyable.

The first side you enter (Red or Blue) is permanent until you quit. That being said, you can’t change sides the entire time, no matter what field you enter. The fields also vary in sizes and the most exciting matches take place in the largest one.


The controls in this IO game are really simple, but due to the circular body, the game is INSANELY difficult to master.

  • Movement – WASD or Arrow keys
  • Speed boost (sprint) – Shift, Z, M
  • Shoot – Spacebar

Strategy in

This game is all about team combination, so without a good team, you’ll have really hard time scoring any goal. That’s why I recommend playing this game with all your friends for the best possible outcome. It’s always better to play with friends rather than a group of unknowns, right? Make sure that your teammates choose the right color. It’s because if even one of them chooses the wrong side, the entire excitement might go off. strategy

Try to understand the way of your playing. As I said before, your circular avatar is the main difficulty. Mastering it will take time, so be patient and try to understand and master it. Once you’ve mastered, there’s no way you can be stopped from goals. Use shoots precisely, or you may end up giving your ball to your enemy team. Fortunately, there are no foul, handball or those things. Reviews