In the battlefield, explosion plays a really vital role. Each explosion covers an area with damage to every single thing and really useful in killing tons of enemies within seconds. In the world of Xplo.io, the explosion is taken to a whole new level. The game itself is really exploding!


The graphics of Xplo.io is nothing special. In fact, it’s really simple. However, it’s the gameplay that’s most interesting and exciting. You are on a journey of defeating others with your ability to shoot and place mines as necessary.

xplo.io game

You are a circle with the ability to fire at your enemies and make booms with mines. There are many consumable elements in the arena. Eat them up and continue killing your enemies for climbing the top of the leaderboard!

There are 3 different game modes available.

  • Classic
  • TDM
  • Capture the Flag

Currently, the game has only one server, making it extremely difficult for a smoother gameplay.


The game features extremely simple controls, no learning curve.

  • Movement – Cursor [your avatar will follow the cursor]
  • Throw grenades – Spacebar
  • Place mines – W


The only thing matters in the game are your skill. However, a few tricks should get you faster on the top of the ladder.

First of all, you’ll have to reach 100%. There’s a counting on the left side of the game screen, showing the percentage. It’s more like your life. The lower you are, the more vulnerable you are. To earn more point, you should be consuming the food blobs floating around.

You’ll notice that there are 2 circles of you – the outer circle and your inner circle. The outer circle determines the range to touch the foods and the inner part is your main body. Your main body will trigger enemy mines.

When anyone’s following your trail, drop a mine and let it take care of your enemy(s). Continue throwing grenades to ensure more kills. Each grenade will have an area effect. The same mechanism is used in mines. However, the grenades are limited. To replenish your grenade supply, consume the orange orbs. The black orbs replenish mines. There are also some power-ups to boost your stats for a short time.

The better your shooting skills, the more you get to kill. However, if you manage to kill the leader in the leaderboard, you’ll get all his/her points! That’s a really big blow in the game.

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