About Yorg io

It is a fun base game that checks your defensive and attacking capabilities. It is like all other games in io store where you just need to visit the web and start playing the game free. This game is recently released and got some phenomenal fame. The game can be played on different websites as well. Tobias Springer is the developer of the game.

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Gameplay Description

Yorg.io is basically a territory building game where you need an active mind to play. It is a multi-player game and other players playing the game has same rules as you. There are zombies in the game who would like to attack your homeland vigorously. You need to survive in the game to have good remarks.

The gameplay is simple. You have to collect the raw material to build a strong base for you. After that, build extractors and create some efficient program to have a steady flow of income. The game is all about having money and power.

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So, once you get money, start building a strong base for you and make special arrangements to protect it. There is the special type of towers that can help you protect and bring some fighting spirit. You can use your resources to create a wall around your base to make sure no zombies can attack. Keep upgrading your building structure just like your opponents. Play with your friends to beat the hell out of them.

How to play?

Most of the functions are operated through mouse key. Left mouse key is used for the building placement. You can get help from the game screen when you st

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