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Are you fond of Spaceships? 
Have you ever dreamed of flying through space in your very own craft? Hey there, space nerd! This one was made with you in mind. Voar.ac is a delightful space-themed game with simple controls and objectives.

Gameplay description

Lose yourself in this utterly simplistic space cruise game. Upon starting, you are afforded several spaceship models from which you can choose your favorite. Once that is done, you proceed to fly through space at your own pace while trying not to crash your ship.

The main objective of the game is to keep your ship in flight. Take care to dodge other spaceships and various space objects and debris. As you orbit the planet, you rack up points by flying above the white line in the game. Your health reduces if you fly outside the red line on the screen. Also, you must steer clear of the moon, planets and all sorts of objects that would cross your ship’s path.

voar.ac game

Survive and thrive as you cruise your way through the galaxy. 
You would need sharp navigation skills to keep your ship from getting hit by random space objects and debris. The game is quite easy to master, so you need not be worried about crashing too often. Just learn to stay on course and cruise your way to the top of the leaderboard.

Voar.ac was developed by Iron jack and released in October 2017. It is simple to play and thoroughly enjoyable.  It is available on desktop browsers and Mobile browsers.

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