About Game

Entropy.ga is a multi-player, strategy game. It can be played online with players from around the world. The game is quite easy to master, and incredibly fun to play. Your character is a circle that moves around the surrounding area in the 'gamescape'.


The main objective of the game is to be number one on the leaderboard. You must strive to become the largest and most deadly orb.  There are two ways to achieve this; the active way and the passive way. The passive way is by moving around the map and collecting ‘food pellets’. The ‘food pellets’ collected helps your character upgrade and become stronger, bigger and more durable.

entropy.ga drawing game

The active way is by destroying your enemies in combat. This is done by firing bullets at them. There are different types of bullets available to you. You can choose between the Basic bullet, Snow bullet, Lava bullet or Split bullet.  These are the tools you would use to overcome your enemies. As you climb up the leaderboard, you improve your skills and abilities. These improvements make you stronger and more stable.

entropy.ga unblocked

Nevertheless, you must develop a good strategy with which to vanquish your enemies. Skill is necessary too, but you can improve your skill as you spend more time playing the game. However, it is recommended that you choose the path of combat instead of ‘food’. Combat helps you advance much faster up the leaderboard.

Entropy is an impressive addition to the .io game repertoire. It is exciting and fun to play.  Check it out when you can.

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