About Legions.io

Legions.io is a medieval fantasy themed game with pixel art graphics. It is an online, multi-player game that you can play from your browser. It is the first known Role Playing Game (RPG) ever made in the io world. Thus, you have to pick a particular character and then play the game using the tools suited to the particular character.

Gameplay description

The objective is to fight your foes, become king, and dominate the leaderboard using the strength of your skills. You must engage in brutal medieval-style combat. Your enemies usually have red circles surrounding them, but you have to seek them out by walking around the ‘gamescape’. When you find them, you must attack them immediately or you risk getting vanquished yourself.  There would be blood and gore, no doubt. But then again it wouldn’t be medieval combat if there wasn’t, would it?

legions.io game

Get ready to slash your way to supremacy like the warriors of old. Use your fighting skill to achieve supremacy as you fight your way to the top of the leaderboard.

You can choose to fight either as a Mage, an Archer or a Knight. Therefore, you have a choice between wielding a sword, firing arrows or striking your enemies with cool lightning bolts. Choose wisely because you would be engaged in fierce survival combat against other players. It is completely up to you to ensure your prolonged survival in this medieval battle arena.

Legions.io is an exciting, intense and deeply engrossing battle game. You will definitely be entertained after playing it.

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