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Enter the arena. Join the war and roll your tank to the top of the Leaderboard. That’s all.

tenk.io description

Tenk.io is an online, multi-player, action, shooting game. As soon as you sign up you are given a tank. Your tank comes with an auto-shoot function. That means it just keeps firing continuously without any prompt on your part. Therefore, all you have to do is just point at your enemies, stand still and watch them get destroyed. Your only real job is to dodge your enemies' cannons as you fire yours.


The objective of the game is simple; destroy as many enemy tanks as possible. If you do that without sustaining any major injury, you move up the leaderboard. As you dish out more carnage and advance through the levels of the game, your status on the leaderboard increases.

tenk.io game

As you advance through the levels, you gain the option of customizing your tank. The customization process enables you to improve the size and build of your tank. But you only gain access to those customizing options after every ten levels. Customized tanks give you a distinct advantage because they are able to deal more destruction than regular ones. Therefore, newbies are advised to avoid the larger tanks as much as possible.

The 'gamescape' is simple and uncomplicated. It might take a little while to get the hang of the game. But you would definitely have fun as you figure things out. Tenk.io is cool and pretty fun to play. It is worth giving a try. 

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