About game

Tugs.io is an online, multiplayer game you can play for free. It is an extravagant display of virtual violence in simple .io format. Your character is designed for pure carnage and urban badassery.

The objective is to eliminate other players in the arena until you are number one. Once you start the game, you are given a weapon. It is not a very powerful weapon but it is quite sufficient. However, you can improve your firepower. All you have to do is obtain the material scattered around the ‘gamescape’. As you do that, your power bar in the bottom left corner of the screen fills up.


You can obtain new weapons by going to the designated spawn zones. These zones are also called ‘weapon circles’. In the spawn zones, you have the option of trading your power bar for a new and improved weapon. The weapons are divided into various levels, from 0-3, based on its capacity to cause damage to the enemy. The higher the level of the weapon, the more devastation it can deal your enemies.

tugs.io game

When you get a better weapon, you also receive a health boost. In addition to the health boost, your health is restored slowly over time. Winning a battle against another player can actually also restore your health. When you are in the spawn zone and your weapon materializes,  always collect it quickly. That is because other players can steal your weapons if you don’t collect them quickly enough.

Tugs.io is an intense and exciting combat game. You should give it a try. You would enjoy it.

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