About Game is a web browser based 3D online multi-player game. You can play the game with your friends. All you need to do is roll the ball over the tables in the game. has full-screen mode as well. The person behind the development of this game is Cem Demir. launched recently in November 2017 and got a healthy number of players in a short time. The game provides appetizing graphics just like well-established games that is why the popularity of this game is huge.

Gameplay Description

The basic strategy for the game is nothing more than controlling the ball on the tables full of books and stationery. There are some checkpoints in the game where you can handle the ball easily. When you cross from one checkpoint to another you might face some scales as bridges. You need special attention while rolling the ball on these scales. game

There are coins all over the map whether it is table or scale. You can catch them touching the ball with them. To retain collected coins from one table to another, you must reach the next table without falling down. You can collect weapons there as well which can be useful to take down your opponent's ball. You need special attention as they can kill you as well. You are given five minutes to reach the final spot to get the final touch before the other players do and let your screen show you as a leader.

How to Play?

The game controls are simpler than any other web browser games. You can use arrow keys or WASD key to move over the surface. You can jump by clicking spacebar. Ctrl key is used to fire your opponents. It is very easy to understand. Isn't it?

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