About Game

There is another one hell of a fighting game in io games and that is called as 123shoot.io. It is an online multi-player game which uses different mechanics of a slim piece of paper, a rock and scissors. You have to pick one out of three and fight with your opponents. This game is about arena domination.  The game is developed recently in December 2017 by Teppo Witsaraz.

Gameplay Description

The objects used in the game have some advantages and disadvantages. For example, you can use scissors to cut slim pieces of paper but you cannot shatter a rock by it. You can change your pick anyway whenever you want according to your needs.

123shoot.io gameplay description

You need to collect energy packs scattered when you are on the battlefield. These energy bolts help you in getting a pace in difficult situations. You cannot attack anyone on the field. You must choose your opponent according to your strength and his weakness e.g you cannot fight a player having scissors when you only have a slim piece of paper. That would be a complete disaster for you. Keep your eyes open and make your decisions right for your survival. Don't forget to grab energy bolts to keep your speed faster for as long as possible. 

You will find some upgrades in the game in near future as promised by game developers.

How to Play?

The io games are doing good in online gaming as they do not use as much as memory like other app games available in app stores. This game has simple controls WASD keys are used for the movement of your character and mouse keys are used to activate your boost in the game. Presa 123 to change your weapon. Play this amazing game and I am sure it will make you think in different ways. It can blow your mind and make you face some incredible challenges.

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