Car racing games have always been a great interest for the kids. is a multi-player car game where you have to eliminate other players using your powers. The game was launched recently in April 2018. Most of the games on io store were based on strategy and adventure but this game is a different one. was developed by MadJoh.

Gameplay Description

The rules for this epic multi-player game are simple. Just go to the field and eliminate other online players. Car bumper is used to hit the car for elimination. You can get eliminated in a single blow as well so you need to be careful while hitting other cars. пфьу

The beauty of this game is you can get eliminated by other when they hit you not like in other games like Asphalt or Nitrorush. As these are not online games so when someone hits your car he is eliminated. So, provides everyone a chance to stay in the game and eliminate anybody.

Some of the important Features are given below:

  • Use your car's bumper to eliminate other players
  • Collects special power-ups to increase the size of bumper
  • Skin of your car is changeable
  • Use Nitro to pick up the speed of your car

Collect nuts immediately when your health is down. Try to collect the screws when some other players explode. It can help you make your bumper size bigger.

Use your nitro when you are in a dangerous situation or surrounded by other players

How to Play?

Mouse and arrows are used to control the car. Spacebar or left mouse key is used for nitro.

Now, this game is available on Google Play store and App Store for io versions. Play the game and conquer the world with your skills. Reviews