Pirates – the devilish characters who sailed in the sea, looted and killed others for treasures, right? That was the truth. However, the truth didn’t keep the imagination of our brain locked. We always thought about having the adventure at sea – roaming the vast ocean, exploring the unknown, gathering treasures and becoming the bravest of all. What would you do with your own ship? It’s time to figure that out in – a journey of ships.

Gameplay in Shipo

The graphics of this game is quite polished. It’s quite charming to see the vast, blue water where islands rise their head waiting for others. You own a wooden ship to command and explore the vast sea. Your target is to become the ultimate warrior of the ocean by destroying anyone else who gets in your way. game

Your ship is quite rusty and not so powerful in the beginning. But don’t worry; as you progress through the game, you’ll unlock powerful abilities to overwhelm your enemies all alone. There are lots of available customizations you can add to your ship.


The game features really simple controls. Those are tough to master, but not crazily difficult.

  • Movement – Cursor [the ship will follow the cursor]
  • Shoot – Left-click (mouse)
  • Anchor – Spacebar

The ship will shoot in the direction the ship is going. Moreover, during anchor, you can’t shoot.


The only target of you is to become the most powerful one on the map. The map is divided into different sections for the facility of exploring and ravaging. Since the starting of your journey, the map is going to be really helpful. unblocked

Your wooden ship doesn’t have too much HP or damage. So, be careful to engage with others. When you shoot, your ship will also be moving in that direction. This makes the projectile of each shot a bit crazy. Master that first.

There are numerous islands all around, but there’s nothing to do with them. All your deal is with other ships sailing in the sea. You have to destroy them and get their gold in your treasure box. Using the treasure, you can buy powerful and dominating upgrades from the shop. Reviews