About Game

IOgames provide simple online games for their visitors. is another fun game developed by them. It is an awesome game having no hard graphics and eye problems. Kids all over the world liked this game a lot as it is simple and full of amusement. You can play this game with your friends.

Gameplay Description is a fun game having a ball-shaped circle. The circle is attached to a star. The strategy for this game is not at all sick. All you just need to do is collect all small balls around the map and get your circle bigger and bigger. These small balls make you move faster and attack vigorously. The balls there on the field have different powers. Some of them make you stretch more and others make your circle move fast. You have to catch these balls to stay in this game as long as possible. game

The bigger circle's other end is attached to a star which is just like a life for you in this game. You need to protect this star from the other online players on the map. Similarly, you can attack other players by attacking their stars to gain more points. Be the last one remaining there on the field. So, get bigger and attack your opponents to get a victory to your name.

How to Play?

The mouse is the main key for this game.  You can make you circle move with the help of mouse. Just control the movement of the circle and touch other player's stars with it to eliminate them from the game.

I am sure you are going to like this game. I would be a nice experience playing this game. Play with friends and show them your real power. Stay focused and enjoy! Reviews