About Game

This game is all about Papers, Scissors and Rocks. The name of the game tells the whole story.  This is a survival game where you are assigned with one of these three items. The developers are making changes to the game as they want to make it more interesting and entertaining.

Gameplay Description

The gameplay is simple to understand. You may face two situations in the game. One is game mode and the other is transparent mode. In game mode, you can attack your opponent’s i.e you can catch their material. Similarly, they can catch you as well in this mode. Transparent mode is the mode when no one can touch you and you cannot touch anyone else. game

When someone catches you, it means you are taken by him to his team. This costs you a life.  What you need to do in the game is get and hold the Gold crown as long as possible. Once you are out of health, the game is over for you. So, you need to stay away from players especially from the players of other teams. Do not let them surround you. Do not get into a corner as well. It is very hard to escape from a corner. If you want to catch someone then try to catch the person having more score. It will help you get more score. Do not use your boost in simple situations. Save it for a sticky situation.

How to Play?

There are two main controls in the game i.e Mouse and Spacebar. The space bar is used to have boost.  Mouse sets the direction for you in the game. Move carefully on the map and do not get into a position from where escape is difficult. Play this game with your friends and loved ones.

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