About Game is a fighting game where you find a large number of opponents playing online like you. You need to fight them all make sure you are the only one remaining at the end of the game. This awesome game is developed by Goblet Games in March 2018.

Gameplay Description

Scavsio contains two zones i.e a safe zone and a dangerous zone. In the safe zone, you are totally safe and no one can harm you and you are not allowed to fight with the opponents. However, you can outside on the field to get some supplies and materials to make some money. This zone is dangerous zone and here you may face some opponents who can kill you as well. game

Your first priority should be the collection of material that you can sale. Make money from your collection and buy some useful items like new weapons and powers to survive on the battlefield. Players in the dangerous zone would try to snatch your collected goods. You have to be ready to face anyone on the field. You may need to attack them before they do. This game is not only about entertainment. It is a big challenge for all the players. There is a bigger area to explore than any other io game. The basis tip for this game is simple, grab goods, sell them and become the strongest among all the players.

How to Play?

This game uses more keys than usual. You can use WASD to move on the map. Left mouse key is used to attack your enemies. You can run in a sticky situation by using Shift. T is used to chat with teammates if you are playing in a team mode. E is used to interact. You can enter stealth mode by clicking C. Face your opponents and be the strongest on the field! Reviews