Here comes a game that is purely based on strategy in iogames. Generals io totally justifies the standards of a pure strategy game. It is highly tactical game. If you think yourself as an intelligent person then prove it by completing the tasks. It is a little confusing but hell fun to play.

Gameplay Description

In this game, you have a general square at the start and have total command on that square or tile. All you need to do is move from your tile to the other one by one. You need to capture another general's tile and control it to build strong army and have more space. There are blank and filled spaces on the maps. You are having more and more opponents if tiles are getting filled and that is not good for you at all. So, you need to make your move fast and strike first. If you consume more time, your opponents may know about the positions and sizes of your army. So, pick your moves right all the time and be the best in the game. game

Pick a username for you and let your opponent know when you crush him. It is funny. Isn't it? Yes, definitely it is. There is an option in the game, "Play with Anonymous", means "play with friends". So, you can show your skills through this game.

How to Play?

You can move on the map by first clicking on your tile and then drag to change position. WASD keys are also used for moving on the map. E key is used to undo your last move in the game. Q is used to clear queued moves. You can use spacebar to deselect the tile if chosen any. Play and share it with others. Stay happy and blessed! Reviews