Drilling is nothing but a part of the construction, mining etc., right? We drill earth crust to harness minerals, oils etc. At our home, whenever we need some place to hang a picture or similar, we drill a hole to set a nail there. What would happen if the drill was a tool for battle? Yes, that’s what it is in Drillz.io where you have to progress to the ultimate champion by drilling!


The graphics of Drillz io is very simple but charming. The simple graphics allows you focus more on the actions and other things to do (upgrading your drill, killing others etc.). Here, you have to drill different stones for improving your own drill. For earning more point, you have to drill other players!

drillz.io game

The game is really simplistic but addictive. So, be careful not to get addicted! At the starting, your drill won’t be much powerful. You have to gather resources from the entire field to upgrade your drill for more damage. The higher damage, the better chance to win a drill brawl.


The game has simple controls.

  • Movement – WASD or Arrow keys
  • Drill – Left-click (mouse)
  • Drill direction – Cursor
  • Dash – Spacebar
  • Spin – Right-click (mouse)


This game doesn’t involve any super strategy. The only goal is to dominate the leaderboard. Just follow a few tricks to survive and reach that goal.

When you spawn, you’ll have nothing powerful. Your drill is weak (less damage). On the top bar, you’ll find notification to collect the specific resource for upgrading your drill to next level. Follow the directions. They’ll be really helpful for dominating in the arena.

Drilling is the only way to earn the point – no matter what you drill. However, killing enemies is the fastest. Try to ambush. Find the perfect opportunity to dash and get the kill. If someone is attacking you, dash away from him. You can also use spinning to keep everyone else out of your range.

If there’s no enemy to kill at the moment, don’t stay idle. Continue drilling as many resources as possible for the best possible chance of survival. Using the resources you collect, you can set bricks in the arena. You can create the ultimate fort for your defense. If you have a few friends, this will become even more exciting.

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