About Game is a funny game where you use classic bumper cars to destroy your opponent. It is a real game with a real opponent. This is an online web-based game and might soon be available for mobile phones.

The boats used in the game can have different colors. You can choose any color you want. Pick a name for your boat and start playing in no time.

Gameplay Description

First of all, you won't face any opponent for few seconds. In this time, collect lifesavers and other ingredients available on the map like beach balls etc. There are walls on the map so be careful while moving. You will face opponents after some time. description

The main goal for you is to crash into your enemy’s boats and destroy them to get half of their score to your name. Crash into your opponent's boat, 50% points of that opponent is yours. You can use walls on the map as a weapon against your enemies. Do the same with all other opponents and be the best in the arena. It is total fun while playing this game. The games having such strategy are always easy and fun to play. Io games are always impersonating to provide quality games for their viewers. They are trying to get their level up in the online gaming arena. This game is an example of that!


The controls are as easy as you like. The game controls for all the io games are almost same. However, in this game, you can use your mouse to control the car. Push your opponent to walls on the map to damage their health.

This is what we have for you. Now it’s time for you to play the game and show your powers to the enemies in the game. Play with your friend. Reviews