About Sky Arena

IO games always comes up with games which keep us engaged for hours. We forget what is happening in our lives and only focus on the game world. is an interesting new game by the IO games. In this game you can fly an air plane up in the sky and see what is there up in the clouds.

Gameplay Description

Enter the arena by writing a name to identify your air plane in the sky. You are on the map flying a small one man plan which is grey colored. The sky is blue and white colored so basically the theme of the game is blue and white colored. Move around in the clouds and take down other air planes that are flying in the sky. Shoot the spaceships and planes to gain XP and improve your score. gameplay

Move your plane vividly when attacking other air planes so that if someone tries to take you down they miss their target. Meanwhile you may shoot them multiple times in a row so that there is no chance of their survival. Once a plane is taken down the game will be over and it will have to be started again. So watch out the enemy might attack you from behind since you cannot see at the back if you are moving forward.

Controls to play the game Sky Arena

The game is interesting and as well as pretty simple to play. Use the mouse to control the direction of your air plane. To take down other player’s plane, fire at them by clicking left on the mouse. Have fun while you take down each and every air plane in the bright blue sky. Reviews