Whenever we think of the future, it’s always a world of the present sci-fi, right? Skyrise buildings, high-tech robots, and cars roaming all around us, advanced cyborgs etc. all are a thing of sci-fi. What would you do in the world? What would your action be? Time to find out in 2099.io where the world is in a kamikaze battle against each other.


2099.io gameThe graphics, despite being a sci-fi game, didn’t meet the expectation. The game is 3D which is awesome, but the graphics isn’t so polished. That would make the game more addictive. However, the excitement in the world of sci-fi is real.

You play as an avatar that has the ability of a cyborg – shooting bullets out of your hand. However, there are other AI turrets searching for anyone living to kill. In addition, there are other players to kill each other. Altogether, it’s a pretty messy arena enhanced with modern & powerful techs.


 The controls are really simple in 2099. All you have to make sure is to aim precisely and shoot all the bullets into your enemies.

  • Movement – WASD
  • Sprint – Shift
  • Shoot – Left-click (mouse)


Your strategy in this game is to get the most amount of kills possible to climb higher on the leaderboard. Besides, don’t forget to think about the future of mankind. It’s always a possibility to face a battle against AI.

First of all, when you spawn, your life is low. Try to get as much kills as possible. The more you kill, the more your score. Moreover, each kill will spawn 1-2 golden gears in the ground. Grab them as soon as possible.

When you shoot, the width of both your guns are just a few pixels wider than the AI crystals roaming around. That’s why you have to make sure to connect either of your bullets. However, double barrel action is quite epic in a crowd.

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