Whenever you’re on a mission to dominate the world, you never can accomplish that all alone. Instead, you need a group of powerful and strong friends. All together with all your best efforts can make you the winner of the battle. TakePoint io is one of the most exciting games where your domination is more powerful with an alliance of powerful and strong friends. Time to rule!


Just like any other IO games, the graphics of TakePoint.io is quite similar. In fact, the graphics are quite awesome for such an intense game. The view and mechanism are pretty classic like other IO games, but the real excitement is capturing the points with all your friends and ruling the day.

kakepoint.io game

The game features the only game mode where you spawn as a specific color. Your target is to capture and defeat players from other colors along with your teammates. The goal is to capture the highest possible points. You can upgrade your stats, your weapon etc. for a better grip in the situation.

There are several stats upgrades available in your way of domination. Upgrade them as you need for better advantage.

  • Movement speed
  • Reload ammo faster
  • Bigger map
  • Extended view
  • Faster healing speed


The controls of TakePoint.IO are quite simple.

  • Movement – WASD or Arrow keys
  • Fire – Left-click (mouse)
  • Use power-up(s) – Spacebar


The only strategy to win this game is your firing accuracy and team effort. Team effort is the most important thing that can take down all the enemies within minutes. Make sure to cover your friends or become their shields. For saving your progress, I recommend creating an account on the game server. This way, you can always spawn with a few points on hand to give you an extra boost with power and deadlines.

When you spawn, you spawn in a circular point. There are quite a number of points in the arena waiting for capture. Your stats are low, your weapon is a normal pistol etc. All you have to do is to get behind your teammates and cover for them.

takepoint.io strategy

When you’re strong enough, you can change your weapon type. There are 3 types of weapons available – Assault, Sniper, and Shotgun. The names describe their usage quite well. Choose your favorite one as you wish. However, you’re not allowed to change your weapon later in the game.

There are several power-ups available as well. Use them as needed. The power-ups can turn the tide of an assault on a point.

Always move with 1-2 teammates. Without doing so, you’re very susceptible to enemy attacks and may get killed very easily. With a few friends, you have a better chance of survival, killing enemies faster and capturing the points faster.

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