In the world of sci-fi, supersonic spaceships are the most common vehicles that can get you from one place to another within seconds. If the ship is a battleship, the excitement goes way up. Engaging in the nerve-breaking clash with enemy ships and destroying every single one is quite exciting, right? If you want to own your sci-fi battleship, it’s time to earn it on


If you’re looking for excitement with the sci-fi feel, is the perfect game for that. Despite being in the world of IO, the graphics and thrilling battleground simply put the game in a whole new level. For excitement, this is one of the best games that you can play anytime, anywhere. game

In the game, you own a crystal-shaped spaceship that runs faster than sound eternally, carrying you throughout the arena and helping you to rule the battlefield. You can shoot, run away and make some really cool perks and stunts while taking down your enemies. You’re free to do whatever you want on the ground.


The game features really easy control that anyone can pick up. The easy controls let you focus more on the battlefield and enjoy the excitement.

  • Fire – Left-click (mouse)
  • Direction – Cursor (right or left)


The main strategy in this game is to destroy your enemy ships and get the crown from the enemies. The more kill, the better.

When you start the game, you already have your ship running in the middle of a deserted land which will be the battlefield for everyone on the server. Your ship is already running at the top speed, making the body shake quite well if you notice the graphics.

Your main weapon is your shooting skill. When moving from place to place, you can shoot to your enemies by clicking on them directly. Note that the projectile of your bullets will vary depending on your movement direction, speed and where you click on the screen. Use your head to calculate the geometry a bit.

There’s a special thing available in the arena – the crown. It’s the most important thing of all. Although it doesn’t affect the gameplay much except having a crown rotating over your ship, it’s a precious one and can make you the most wanted player. Be careful when you own it.

The battlefield contains lots of tower-like objects that seem to make a jungle tower where the battle is ongoing. Make sure that you use the jungle to your advantage. For example, hide in the jungle or make a good turn with your ship. If you hit the structures, you won’t get damaged. Reviews