Ever dreamed of being a leader of a hoard of merciless mercenaries? Warriors for pay – the strongest ones who can rule the world! Don’t waste your time sitting idle; jump into the world of! Here, you are on a journey of ruling the land with a group of merciless warriors!


The graphics of is super cool. Unless you play the game, you won’t believe your eyes how beautiful an IO game can be! Instead of the clumsy, dull map, the entire landscape is full of different natural elements – fountains, trees, savanna, deserts etc. Every single detail in the game is quite soothing and mind-blowing. game

Here, you start with a number of mobs (soldiers) under your command. They’ll follow wherever you tell them to go. The number of your mob will grow when you successfully kill other living beings (mobs and animals). The bigger your mob number, the better. It’s also a matter of survival as everyone will try to defend and attack you.


The controls in the game are quite simple. Your army will move altogether, no matter what.

  • Move – click & hold [on any place on the map]
  • Attack – stop holding [when nearby any attackable thing, release your hold]
  • Power-ups – Right-click [there’s a charge pie bar at bottom-right corner]


This game is full of strategy and your cunning decisions. When you first start playing, you will be given very simple mobs. The number is limited and the power is low, so you shouldn’t engage with any powerful enemy mobs or animals.

When your mobs spawn, roam around the landscape and find out smaller groups of animals. Go near them, release the hold and let the mobs do their job. If successfully killed, your mob count will increase. The total count will be available at the bottom-right corner. The bigger the count, the more powerful army.

Once you grow powerful enough, you can start targeting stronger animals and mobs. Here are different animals like deer, fox, bears etc. Some animals have the ability to stun your mobs. Try to avoid them if possible. strategy

Your progress throughout the game will help you unlock better and more powerful mobs. There are ninja mobs, wiz mobs and more powerful mobs for your control. Once you get your hold on them, you can start crushing everyone in the arena. No one will DARE to stop you!

There are power-ups available when the “Right click” bar is full. Whenever possible, right-click on the screen and your mobs will get the power-up. At advanced levels, you can even spawn a king – a powerful warrior. Moreover, you have a strong mob to control.

If your mobs die once, don’t worry. You will be gifted with valuable resources to upgrade your mob collection and wreak havoc in the arena. Warning – it’s really addictive! You’ll feel the excitement once you enter the arena Reviews