Ever thought of adventuring through a dungeon? A dungeon that’s full of deadly and vicious traps? Adventuring in such a place for treasure is fun for sure, right? There will be other treasure hunters waiting for you. Be prepared; it’s time to rock in – the world of traps!


It’s an exciting, thrilling and adventurous 2D game set in an endless dungeon full of traps and other dangers. Your target is to get as much gold as you can get from the endless dungeon. Besides traps, there will be other players trying to steal your precious treasures, so be prepared to fight with them. game

The graphics in Trapz io are just like the era of the classic retro games. However, don’t let the look fool you. The excitement and thrill are much more than you could ever imagine. Your only way to go is upwards for more gold. The higher, the more gold & deadlier trap.

The traps come in all forms – disappearing platforms, fire bullets, unexpected spikes etc. Don’t let your guard down as one wrong step will be your end. Treasure hunters like you are all your enemy, so stay sharp.


The controls are quite simple to use, but due to the difficulty of the game itself, it’s quite fun.

  • Go right – Right arrow, D
  • Go left – Left arrow, A
  • Jump – Up arrow, W, Spacebar
  • Attack – Left-click (mouse)


When you start playing, there are very simple and important things to remember. Along with your sharp eye, those will help you go higher and survive much longer.

When you spawn, you start from the lowest ground. Naturally, there will be players all around yourself. Don’t get caught in a brawl, as you hardly stand a chance to survive the attacks. Others have already managed to level up themselves. So, run away from the crowd and look for resources to consume.

There are two types of resources scattered throughout the trap dungeon – health and coin. Continue farming coins as much as possible to earn more points. Try to avoid unnecessary clashing with others, as it’s the only hindrance to your domination over the leaderboard. strategy

The real run starts up high where advanced types of traps start appearing. Jump, run and use your wit to overcome all of them. There’s no fixed pattern they’ll work, so there’s no guarantee of your health as well. Note that you won’t die immediately when you fall into a trap. At the top-left corner, you’ll see your current stats.

Each of your attacks deals a fixed amount of damage to your enemies. Moreover, once you attack, you have to wait a few seconds for a cooldown. If you’re caught in a brawl, try to run away from it unless you’re sure of your victory. The killing also earns you point. But no point in getting killed! Reviews