About the Game

Shooting games are interesting to play for any game lover. It gives a special type of pleasure when we play shooting games. is such a game where you find new things. In this game, you expand your fleet through some resources and destroy ships of your enemies. All you need to do is to collect the gems to buy your new ships. Kill your enemies and become the leader of the Nebulaz. This is a multi-player online game so you need to make your moves right all the time.

Gameplay Description

Killing your enemies or opponent ships is not the game for you. You need to stay away from the other players having a large flotilla as they can destroy you in no time. You do not need to shoot other planes manually. Just circle around the asteroid until you kill it. game

Try to get resources there as much as you can. These resources can help you make good progress in the game. Just make sure your fleet is united when you attack someone else.  It would be a great idea if you kill your enemies one by one. After getting some resources buy new ships. is not all about killing your enemies. The game requires a little more attention than this. The player should know about the resources and keep in mind that where these resources can he find.

How to Play?

The controls of are simple and easy to understand. The spaceship can be handled with the help of the mouse. The space bar is used for the boost options. When you are close to a new ship, press 1 or left mouse key to buy that ship. The game is totally free for the users. Just visit and start playing the game without providing your personal info. Reviews