For the pirates who love to rule over the sea, PirateBattle.io is one of the best choices! You along with your pirate ship are on a journey to wreak havoc in the sea and become the most notorious pirate in the world on PirateBattle.IO. Why sit idle in your chair where you can be the most notorious one in the sea?


As an IO game, the gameplay of PirateBattle.io is very simple, fun and exciting. You control a pirate ship with a cannon up front. There are also other pirate ships roaming around, waiting to meet their final destination. You’re free to shoot anyone you like! Moreover, the sea is full of gold and silver! Collect as much as possible to improve your pirate ship!

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The graphics are very simple, yet interesting. The arena is limited which broke my heart. But that’s okay, as you get more opportunity to make sure that your bullet hits your opposing pirates. Using the gold & silver you collect from the sea, your ship can be upgraded to the ultimate weapon of destruction. With all the customizability of your ship, you can add a lot more spice to the gameplay.

There are 4 stats to upgrade for your ship.

  • Health
  • Speed
  • Armor
  • Damage


The game is very easy and follows simple control mechanics. The ship will move automatically in the sea and will follow the direction of your cursor.

  • Direction – cursor
  • Shoot – Left-click (mouse)
  • Power-up – 1, 2, 3, 4 [health, speed, armor, damage]
  • Dash - Spacebar


The only target here is to destroy other ships. But having all the controls and tactics in mind will help you go towards the ultimate goal.

When you first spawn, your ship isn’t powerful enough to take damage. That’s why continue traveling throughout the arena to collect more and more gold. I suggest upgrading the armor first, as it will help you withstand the most brutal scenarios. After upgrading armor to a decent level, start upgrading other stats.

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When you destroy an enemy ship, there will be tons of gold floating around the shipwreck. Don’t forget to collect them, as they’ll work as a huge boost to your ship’s stats. Note that the gold is also free for all, so be fast to collect them.

Your cannon is fixed to one direction, so in order to change firing direction, your entire ship has to rotate. That’s why you need to keep a sharp look around for all possible situations. Dashing is a powerful feature that will help you get out of any firing enemy. In fact, dashing is the most crucial lifesaving ability of your ship.

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