About is an online game that is similar to Just like, you get to control a shark. The difference, this time, is that the sharks can shoot a laser beam, and that's the instrument of war.

As a player of this gamer, you have to be extremely careful and cautious. The lasers in Lasersharks are as harmful as they are in real life. If your shark takes one shot, it dies. So, you have to dodge shots made at your shark and aim other sharks with your laser beam.

Game description

The process of developing a strategy is a bit tricky in the game. Let's explain how. To shoot a laser beam, you need to stay in one position so that you can hit your aim, as the laser beam charges up. At that time, you could be shot, since you can't exactly dodge. The charge up time is about 1.5 seconds, but it is enough time for enemies to attack.

You should also pick up smaller yellow dots in the aquarium as you play. Your strategy could also include utilizing the hexagonal reflecting surfaces that bounce the laser leam. That way, your opponents will not expect your shot when it hits them. When you shoot a laser beam, you can cancel it by boosting your shark. This is necessary for when you need to dodge attacks. drawing game

As you pick up more dots and earn more scores, you can level up and advance further in the game. Your shark even becomes bigger after a while. Other sharks will be seeking dominion of the aquarium too, so your strategy must include killing them completely as they can respawn. You should also watch out protective power-ups which will increase your health as you go.

Controls of the game

You can shoot a laser beam with the space bar. With the left click, you can boost your shark. The mouse is the basic tool for controlling your shark. Reviews