About is an online game that combines controlling a plane with shooting down enemy planes. With, players get their own aircraft and control them towards destroying other players.

When you are about to start playing nofly zone, you are asked to pick an aircraft. After picking the aircraft, you choose a nickname and go straight to the battlefield. You can either play alone or as part of a team of two. When you play as a team of two, a member of the team pilots the aircraft, while another member shoots opponents to oblivion. The skill set of the members of the team should determine who pilots the plane and who does the shooting.

Gameplay description

As you navigate through the game and aim at other players, you should also be mindful of overheating your aircraft. When your aircraft overheats, it crashes, and the game ends. When the game ends, you lose your progress, and your efforts to be at the top of the leaderboard is frustrated. So, the piloting of your aircraft should be done with expertise to prevent it from overheating. As you play and attain higher scores, you can also upgrade your level and encounter more challenges. game

Ultimately, you should aim to destroy all other planes by shooting them out of the sky. As expected, the more planes you shoot down, the higher your scores. You ultimately become the leader when you shoot all other planes.


To control your aircraft, use the mouse. The left mouse click is the tool for shooting your opponents out of the sky.

With this game, you combine the thrill of piloting a plane with shooting down other planes and getting to the top of the leaderboard. Reviews