Feudal Wars

Whenever we say the word “Feudal”, we always remember the age of Feudal Japan where kings of small kingdoms would fight against each other and conquer their lands. Just like that, Feudal Wars is a really addictive IO game that allows you to play as a ruler of a kingdom to conquer others and rule the day.


If you ever played any games like Age of Empires, you’ll find Feudal Wars a lot exciting. In fact, it’s a lot better and easier than those. You have a castle, you have your army, and you got resources and one aim – to rule the world!

Feudal Wars game

The graphics are pretty identical to Age of Empires. However, there are fewer details and improved balance of everything that will help you grow faster and make more actions. Your archers, cavalry, knights etc. have to work in harmony for the perfect destructive power.

You can play in 2 modes – PvP and PvE. For practice, PvE is more suitable. For a competitive game, switch to PvP mode.


Just like Age of Empires, the controls are very similar.

  • Select (army) – click & hold the cursor over your troops
  • Move/Attack – Right-click [selected troops will move/attack]


As it’s a highly strategy-based game, you have to have a mastery and good understanding how things work in Feudal Wars. First of all, make sure that you make the best usage out of your resources. In this game, the only usable resource is “gold” that gets generated every few seconds. On the top-right corner, you’ll see the total amount of gold in your bank. Gold is needed for establishing more buildings and upgrading them.

When you start your game, you have to make sure that you choose the right race. There are several races available at the beginning –

  • England – 20% additional damage to buildings (Knight), 20% additional damage to Longbow
  • France – Knights deal 30% more damage to cavalry, 20% more health (cavalry)
  • Teutonic Order – 50% bonus damage to knights (Ritterbruder), 5% more health (infantry)
  • Castile – 30% more damage to infantry (Knight), 20% extra Castle health
  • Venice – 30% less damage is taken from archers (Knight), 30% cheaper upgrades
  • Holy Roman Empire – 15% extra health (Knight), +2 gold per tick (Castle)

Each of them serves different purpose. I personally prefer Venice for cheaper upgrade cost, but feel free to test all of them.

The more you build buildings, the larger army you’ll have. Don’t forget to upgrade the buildings so that they create a stronger army and better defense. The better your army, the easier winning chance. However, you have to keep a look at your population and gold so that those don’t run out.

Feudal Wars drawing game

Defensive structures can be positioned anywhere on the map. You can even set an archer tower to target opponent’s structures. In such scenario, upgrade the tower further for more damage.

The only way to eliminate other players is to destroy their castle. Take stronger armies and a large number of them to destroy the enemy castle. Make sure that your troops are able to surpass the defenses to the ultimate victory.

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