About Teamball io

Are you a fan of soccer? Do you like playing it, but the sun is too hot outside? Well, do not worry, you can play it online now. is a fun game and is a production of the famously known game makers called the IO games. Kick the ball all around the ground.

Gameplay description

Enter a nickname, choose whether you want to play with a mouse or keyboard and join a team to start the game. Run and goal straight in middle of the net. Collect energy drinks on the area to boost up your player. Defend yourself and keep on running and passing the ball. Do not kick the ball out of the ground boundary as it will result in a foul and the ball will go to the opponents. Strive hard to reach the top of the scoreboard. There are other players also playing the game from all over the globe. game

To save your game data and scores you can login with your Gmail account or Facebook account. So the next time when you play the game, your scores will be there and you can continue the game. You can become the next Messi or Ronaldo of the game world.

Controls to play the game

You can use either Mouse or a keyboard of your laptop or PC to play this game. Use your mouse to move the play and left click to shoot the goal. When using keyboard, use the keys “W, A, S, D” to move your soccer player. Press the space bar to shoot right in the goal net. Reviews