Life is all about rushing, rushing to office, rushing to the school, rushing to meet the deadlines and basically rushing to do every single thing. This kind of rush is what makes our anxiety levels rise. However, is here to calm us down. This time you won’t be rushing to meet the deadlines but to reach the top of the score board for self-happiness.

Gameplay description

To start the game enter your name. The game is white themed. Move your spear geared ball around the map and eat food to enlarge the size of it. The food is all over the map in form of small colorful balls. They are available in colors such as purple, pink, yellow, green, blue and many more. All the map is filled with different colors. gameplay

So basically, grow yourself and if someone comes in your way attack and kill them. Other online players will attack you too, but make sure you are the first one to do so. If you want to run away, you can do so by sprinting in another direction. As your spear geared ball grows, eventually your score will also increase with every step you take. The game is very fun to play and it is suitable for all ages.

Controls to play the game Rusherio

The controls to play this game are easy and very simple. Use the mouse of your computer or laptop to move your spear. Click left on the mouse to fasten up the speed. Reviews