We all love strategy-based games, right? Building your base, empowering your army and taking over others is quite fun! If you want to have the fun of destroying others’ bases and ruling the world, let’s start playing! It’s the craziest strategy game you’ll ever play in the world of IO.


The gameplay in Bloble io is very simple and exciting at the same time. First of all, you’re given a base to work on. The base is around one with 2 surrounding layers. You have to create the ultimate defensive setup and building the ultimate army of your own. The army will be used to raid others’ base and destroy them. game

The graphics are very cutting-edge with clear details. As an IO game, your focus should be more on the strategy; not the beautiful graphics. The structures appear to be funny, but don’t let them fool yourself; those are your defenses. Setup them strategically and make sure that your base is completely impenetrable.

There are several types of structures available in the game. Note that all of them are upgradable, except for your base.

  • Wall
  • Simple turret
  • Sniper turret
  • Generator
  • Barracks
  • House
  • Armory


The game doesn’t feature a movable base. But the view of the map can be moved. Your army is the only movable element. Select your army and right-click (mouse) on the map where they’ll head. Your armies are upgradable, so make sure to build the strongest ones.

  • Camera movement – WASD or Arrow keys


The main excitement is when you go out for raiding others. At the starting of the game, you’re nothing but a blob (base) with certain energies in your hand. The energies are required to create structures around your base. The energies replenish over time and you can boost up production rate with other structures.

First, take a look at the available structures. These will be very crucial elements for you. Walls are used for fortifying your base. Turrets are the defensive structures. Generators will boost the power production rate. Barracks will create the army. Use house for having more army at the same time. The armory is important to research and create a stronger army. You can even sell structures when you don’t need them. unblocked

Setup and upgrade generators at first, for having the faster production rate of your energy. Keep a sharp look at your energy number; the highest limit is 6000. You can sell any structure for 50 energy.

After you have a faster production rate, start fortifying your base with walls and turrets. I recommend making a two-layer defense; combine both types of turrets. As you have a faster energy production rate, upgrade all your turrets & walls faster, so that you can withstand any rogue army attack.

Next, it’s time for building your own army. Build the barrack, house, and armory. Use the armory for upgrading the stats and unlocking better soldiers. When your army is ready, you can go ahead and attack other players around your base. Reviews