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Sworm.io takes worm and snake games to a higher level with its excellent graphics and 3D features. Players get a real feel of this game with the 3D graphics and movement and apply different tactics to defeat their opponents.

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Your goal as a player of this game is to control your snake with expertise and apply the available strategies to attain high scores. Your strategies should be applied to increasing the length of your snake and getting other players to bump into it. While you apply your strategies, you should also be wary of the strategies of other players as everyone aims to win.

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To increase the length of your snake, you should eat orbs that are scattered around the arena. Eating other snakes also makes your snake grow, but you should note that you can only eat snakes that are smaller than yours. Bigger snakes can also eat up your snake, so you should be mindful of them.

Opponents of the game lose when they bump into your snake. You can trick your opponents to bump into your snake as you go. You can also collect bonuses that give enhanced skill such as speed and armor. Because of the high-quality graphics of this game, you can also watch other players with the spectate mode. That could help you develop a strategy.

sworm.io description

Another tactic worth mentioning in this game is the ability to cut your snake. If you feel that you're being threatened, you can cut your snake and play as the smaller bits. You can also cut your opponents into smaller bits, and they can still cut you. However, you can get protection from cutting by eating bugs and getting their strength that protects you from splitting.

You can control the movement of the snake with your mouse. The left click is to boost the movement of your snake, while the right click is to boost the snake. Overall, with the excellent graphics and numerous tactics to employ, you're in for a ride with Sworm io.

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