Ruling and asserting dominance in the world is everyone’s dream, right? Well, let’s find out who’s the better ruler! Don’t waste any of your time, folks! It’s time to dominate the world in Oib.io! It’s a really FUN game that you don’t want to miss!


Before you get serious about the game, you have to take it for fun. The entire graphics and gameplay are designed for PURE fun. You spawn with a queen. The queen is able to split and give birth to numerous smaller soldiers. The queen can eat all the soldiers and become stronger.

oib.io game

The graphics in Oibio are pretty simple and to be honest, really funny. You’re guaranteed to enjoy the fun while playing this game. You play as the leader of a slime colony. There’s a map at the bottom-left of the game screen.


The game is really fun with intuitive controls.

  • Camera (move) – WASD or Arrow keys
  • Select (all) – Spacebar
  • Select (individually) – Left-click (mouse) [CTRL + Left-click for multiple selection]
  • Move – Right-click (mouse) on the map


The only target in this game is to get to the top of the leaderboard and assert dominance in the map. However, you need to follow some tricks to be successful in your mission.

When you spawn, you have to split your queen numerous times to spawn all those little soldiers. At first, spawn as many soldiers possible, then select all and feed to the queen. The actions will be available on the top-left side of the screen. This way, your queen will earn more XP and become larger.

The spawned soldiers have a life limit; after a certain time, they’ll die automatically. So, unless you have any enemy inbound, feed all the smaller slimes to your queen. The bigger the queen, the more HP and the more point for dominating the leaderboard. This feeding can happen to any of the units as well. You can spawn countless minions and fuse all of them into just one unit and voila! You got a sentinel slime!

Your slimes are really important when conquering other players. To conquer others, you have to hit them HARD with all your troops. The last one standing wins the conflict. So, don’t try to engage players unless your queen’s level is pretty high and HP is pretty tough. Then, you along with all your troops can go in hard.

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