You have been finding a fighting game to play all day long and couldn’t find it what you needed? Well I guess, now you are at the right place. will fulfill all your fighting cravings. IO game is back in the competitive game market with its fighting game.

Gameplay description

Enter your name or nickname and choose hat from a range of hats to start the game. Fightzio starts with your cow. Wander around the map and fight with other online users. Use a stick or sword to hit the players. Once you kill someone they will leave some colored balls which you may collect. Eventually, the score will rise and you will level up. As you level up the size of your cow will also increase. game

The goal is to reach the top of the score board. This is an online game, so other players will also kill you, run away from big cows as their attack will be stronger than your attack. The unique feature in this game is the online chat available. You can chat with the players who are online. Talk about the game strategies, gossip or team up against others.

Controls in Fightz io

Use the mouse and keyboard of your PC or Laptop to play the game. Use the mouse to move your cow. For example, move upwards to move the cow up. Click left to attack other players. Press the space bar to run away at a faster speed. Reviews