Playing in the dungeon of a forbidden castle where thousands of dangers await always bring the thrill of action and adventure, right? For any action lover, this is the perfect genre to show the hidden spirit of a true warrior!


If you’ve played any dungeon game before, this is going to be your favorite for sure. The graphics of this game very simple yet awesome. The view is quite similar to the classic 2D games, but don’t underestimate the game by judging its look. There’s thrill and excitement in every inch of the map. gameplay

There’s no map in this game, you’re on your own. There’s no friend, everything’s your enemy. The only target of your campaign is to survive and score the highest. There’s no game mode available, but the FFA (Free for All) is more than enough, I believe.


There’re two types of controls available in – keyboard and mouse. At the starting of the game, you have to decide the control system.

In mouse system, your avatar will follow the cursor of the mouse. Everything else is normal.

In keyboard system, you have to move your character using the keyboard.

  • Movement – WASD or Arrow keys
  • Attack – Left-click (mouse)


This game is mostly the strategy and feel of the game. This is a dungeon, so don’t expect to have any type of advantages from the field. Always prepare for the worst.

First of all, the view of the area is very low. Only a specific surrounding area around your avatar is lighted. Make sure to make your move in the arena being prepared. There could be monsters and enemies (other players) anywhere on the map. Another important thing is the character you choose. There’re 5 types available since the starting of the game –

  • Wizard
  • Knight
  • Ranger
  • Orc
  • Orge

The wizard and the ranger are ranged units, meaning that they can shoot from a far distance. Wizard deals more damage, but slower attack rate. Ranger deals less damage, but faster attack range. Knight, Orc, Orge etc. are melee units with higher HP. I recommend either Ranger or Wizard. Reviews